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22 -Yaers Cracked Marriage: Ajibola Ponle Will Remain Undaunted As Husband Family Attestes to her Faithfulness

The marriage between Ajibola and Michael Ponnle may be heading for the rocks, and as you are reading this, there have been very rife trajectories trailing the propriety or otherwise of Lagos State Commissioner for Establishment, Training, and Pensions, Mrs. Ajibola Ponnle, in her 22-year visibly crashing marriage, a development that has been causing some unpleasantness to the principal character, especially at her duty post as a cabinet office member in the Centre of Excellence State, as it borders on her marital status.No doubt, Jibola is seeking dissolution of her marriage to Abiodun Ponnle, the son of famed MicCom boss, Sir Michael Ponle, a marriage that produced three lovely boys. But the recent campaign of calumny and pull-her-down propensities against the amiable lady got a new twist, when, contrary to expectations, impeccable sources close to the estranged couple came out in very strong words to defend her that most of the stories flying around are full of lies and fabrications aimed at distorting the facts on ground.According to these sources, some of who interestingly are from the unabashed woman’s spouse’s family, unknown to many, the lady in question is a woman of good virtues and exemplary character and has never been found wanting in her long-standing marriage to her husband, until a bubble burst, which put a seeming nail on the marriage few years back. They say that Jibola, then, on account of that burble, had to respectfully leave her matrimonial home in Banana Island, Lagos, precisely on January 9, 2016 when she could no longer cope with the repeated hassles from her husband. Though she moved into another apartment inside the same Banana Island, the couple remained estranged and bitter to each other, especially when it was alleged that Biodun, her husband, who used to run the defunct Origin Oil & Gas, was dating a popular Instagram fashion influencer, simply known as Juliet.According to the sources, Juliet moved in with her daughter into the Ponle’s Banana Island matrimonial home, immediately after Jibola was forced to move out with her three kids, and thus foreclosed any form of settlement. Without allowing that development to affect her emotionally or otherwise, as a thorough-bred professional and very courteous woman, Jibola decided to take everything in her stride with philosophical calmness, preferring to focus more on her career and her kids; more so, when it was already a well-known fact that her estranged husband was seeing another woman.

“This is pure jealousy at its best. Jibola’s estranged hubby and some of her friends are not really happy that rather than quake after her failed marriage, she was waxing stronger as she has moved on with her life and capped it becoming a commissioner,” one of the sources said.

It was also gathered from those in the know, that the Ponle family is not particularly happy with the happenings around their son and daughter-in-law. In a message by one Kolawole, one of Biodun’s siblings, he expressed the disappointment of the family over the divorce saga.

His message read: “Last week we received a text message that broke our heart. The text message contained weblinks to an article evidently sponsored by mischief makers simply set out to destroy the image of an innocent woman, Ajibola Yewande Ponle. As such, we make clear to say the absurd narrative is a gross distortion of facts and demonstrated a lack of integrity and decency by the perpetrators. “Ajibola (Sister Jibs as fondly referred to by my lovely wife) is a wonderful woman, wife, mother, sister, colleague, mentor and friend. She is intelligent, honest, hard-working and above all is faithful in her service to God and mankind. She exudes humility, respect and integrity which is evident to all including members of the nuclear and extended Ponle family. This is why we cannot keep quiet and watch her good image being maliciously smeared in the public.“As a wife, we saw her as diligent. She served our entire family, always tolerant and accommodating. She walked tall and earned the respect of all. She sacrificed her career as a Chartered Accountant which was promising and successful to start self-employment in order to have more time for her family.  She’s obedient and thoughtful, content, and selfless. She was an example our late mother referenced always to my wife. So, the pain felt by our father, Prince Ponnle and many members of the family when we read the malicious article in social media attempting to depict Ajibola as fraud is indescribable. These are twisted tales and sadly we know the source of this deliberate attempt to pay the media in a smear campaign to assassinate Ajibola Ponle’s character.“Consequently, we boldly claim that the impression being circulated about Ajibola is False and is intended by enemies of great deeds and progress who lack the capacity and ability to do what is right and make the right decisions. Typically, through it all, she has kept her dignity with silence, prayer and hard work.  She has refused to let the happenings around her phase her. Ajibola’s story and professional career is unblemished, a champion of many ‘firsts’ (her profile speaks for itself). Our late mother, Comfort Olufunke Ponnle was very fond of her and loved her so dearly. We will, as such, always be proud of her and achievements and stand by her.”

It was, however, learnt that the ugly stories began to fly around again immediately Jibola was appointed a Commissioner. But she was said to be determined to succeed in her assignment. The story of Jibola as a management expert and life coach inspired a lot of people. She was already working with Arthur Anderson when she met her estranged hubby. By the time she was 30, Jibola was already a senior management staff at British American Tobacco, next level to Finance Director. She later enrolled at the George Washington University in the United States to get certification in global best practices in event management. Jibola also served as the Registrar/Chief Executive Officer of the Chartered Institute of Personnel Management of Nigeria for a two-year period. During the period, she engaged in a number of initiatives that expanded the institute’s frontiers and promoted the CIPM brand. your social media marketing partner

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