Friday , 19 April 2024

LASAA begins awareness campaign on regulation of outdoor adverts

Lagos State Signage and Advertisement
Agency (LASAA) has tagged of the first phase of an awareness campaign to
sensitise the general public on the need for compliance with regulations
guiding outdoor advertisement in the state. The regulations cover on-
premise and on-premise signage displays as well as registration of mobile
Speaking during one of the agency’s awareness campaign in Lagos,
Managing Director of LASAA, Prince Adedamola Docemo, said it is important
to sensitise and educate the public on the need to comply with the LASAA
law before the agency begins enforcement.
He noted that the exercise would provide another opportunity for LASAA to
remind clients on the importance of always being on the side of the law as
good individual and corporate citizens.
He urged Lagosians to cooperate with LASAA so that the state government
can successfully deliver the dividends of democracy to them through its
revenue optimization effort.
Also speaking, Deputy General Manager, Corporate Communication and
Strategy of LASAA, Mr. Temitope Akande, noted that LASAA has a tradition of
embarking on an awareness campaign to clients and the public in general in
FebruaryandMarcheveryyear.The campaign will focus on the need for

clients to be on the side of the law as enforcement would commence
afterwards, he said.
“Our plan is to utilise all available medium of communication to sensitise the
public on the need to register their advertising business signboards,
temporary campaigns, road shows and billboards as well as branded vehicles
to avoid falling foul of the enforcement drive that will follow this awareness
exercise. We plan to engage our clients across all platforms to achieve our
objective,” Akande said.
The Head of Mobile, Small Format and Temporary (MS&T) Department, Mr.
Adebayo Aluko, said the purpose of the awareness programme is to ensure
that at least 95 per cent compliance is achieved for all branded vehicles
operating in Lagos State and also boost the revenue of the agency vis a vis
that of the state.
“Hopefully, the enforcement on branded vehicles without the 2021 mobile
advert permit within the state will be minimal,” Aluko said.
Explaining that branded vehicles without valid permits are usually grounded
or impounded and made to pay the amount due before the vehicle is
released, Aluko appealed to owners of branded vehicles to follow due
process in good time and avoid enforcement and sanctions.
Hesaidtheagencyfrownsattheuseoffake mobile advert stickers,nothing
that the display of fake mobile advert permit stickers is a criminal offence
that is punishable under the law.
“For under declaration, vehicle owners are also sanctioned appropriately and
issued a line in line with the agency’s policy and for clients who comply on
time and are truthful and sincere with the number of branded vehicles they
have, the agency gives an incentive in the form of a discount,” he said.
Aluko said the response of Lagosians has been very impressive considering
the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on businesses. He said the agency has
been up to speed with its revenue target and expressed the hope that the
target will be surpassed.
He added that LASAA is not focusing on revenue alone but also on the
regulation of the environment, in line with its mission. He advised clients to
ensure that their branded vehicles always look neat and presentable and to
avoid any form of indecent advertisement.

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