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Nigeria@60: LSHA Ifako Ijaiye 1 Hon. Temitope Adewale doles out cash gift and items to LNSC

According to the legislator, I am much concerned about the security and welfare of frontliners,as the corps members have displayed unusual bravery and so ought to be celebrated even as Nigeria makes another great leap at 60.

In his words: “The labour of our heroes shall never be in vain.

“In the spirit of the celebrating the 60th Independence Anniversary of our beloved Nigeria,  I have decided to celebrate the day with All the 127 Staffs of the LNSC in my Local Government Ifako Ijaiye Contituency 01.

“Today we are celebrating the Lagos Neighbourhood Safety Corp a creation of a bill sponsored by Rt.Hon. Mudashiru Obasa in 2016, this is to give back to them for how far they have supported the masses.

” We are also answering their requests and needs they had in their offices, you will recall during the COVID-19 we had a little bit of issues with the good boys as we call them, they risked the lives,they stood for us and they were able to discharge their duties accordingly.

“Also a week ago we had the gas explosion where three of them were severely injured, so we are here today to appreciate them and tell them that we are behind them and will continue to support them and also to tell them that their welfare and lives means a lot to us.

The lawmaker also made a promise to rejig one of the faulty automobiles of the LNSC in his constituency, a total overhaul with a functional engine.

He also added that he will make available to the LNSC, three computer system for effective data storage in their office.

Hon. Adewale also promised to give each of the 124 officers of the corps in his constituency N10,000 each, two out of the three officers who suffered degrees of burnt while trying to salvage the situation, already discharged from the hospital will get a sum of N50,000 each while the remaining officer still receiving medical attention gets N100,000.

The lawmaker also promised to add three new bicycles for the LNSC to also celebrate the 60th birthday of the Federal House Representatives Member, Hon.James Owolabi.

In a quick reaction to the gesture, Hon Owolabi who expressed his amazement over the event notes that he was not in the know about what is happening, as he handed N500,000 cash to further boost the morale of the LNSC men.

Owolabi said,”on getting here I got encouraged though I don’t know what he plans to do here, he called me up this morning and I felt he was just taking me out so that we can merry but when we got here I marvel,

I thank him for the gesture and I think it wise to do my quota.

As your elected member to the House of Reps I am giving you N500,000 before leaving this place.

He also urged his constituents,Lagosians and Nigerians as a whole to keep doing well to evolve a better society.

“What we did today for the LNSC is to say that we are people that are ready to appreciate individuals doing well in the constituency that is why we are here.

” We are looking at state policing, even policing at the local level, we want to be on our own so that we can secure our state. You can see what LNSC did,if we can have Lagos State Police then we will be able to control them and they will more than what they have just done.

One of the LNSC officer Mr Olusegun Osifade who gave a goodwill message noted that,

“an history is breaking here at Ifako Ijaiye, it is a pacesetter anytime anyway.

You can’t make a good fruit without a good tree, JAH is an epitome of support to the masses so all we pray for is that God continually keep you strong for us and you will surpass your father in all attainment with long life.” He prayed.

Engineer Adekunle Olayinka, Special Adviser to Governor Babajide Sawo Olu on DAWN commission matters, expressed his appreciation for the noble step taken by the lawmaker who identified a key sector to boost efficiency.

“What Hon. Adewale Temitope has done today is noble and he should be commended because he is one of such one would want to identify with, for someone like me I am the Special Adviser to the Governor of Lagos State on Development Agenda for Western Nigeria which makes me look into all SouthWest issues.

“So for a House of Assembly member to come up with an initiative of such is something commendable and we should encourage it because he identified a sector of the community contributing to security of lives and properties, it is something that should be encouraged.

On the 60th anniversary of Nigeria as an entity, he wished Nigerians happy Independence day.

“Nigeria is sixty today and we can only thank God for how the leadership of the country has been able to put the country together even at the verge of breaking out, because all of us can attest to the fact that there is insecurity in the land, BokoHaram,insurgency here and there but the leadership of the country as headed President Mohammadu Buhari is trying his best to putting things in place in terms of security, in all we should be our brothers keeper.

“All of us can try to contribute our quota to securing lives and property by giving out the right information to all these people, by doing that we would have helped our neighbours and ourselves in securing the country.”

Other eminent individuals who graced the occasion are;Mrs Kofo Àjàyí Lagos West Senatorial Woman Leader, Barr Joan Adebobuye, DSS Head Ifako Ijaiye,Alhaja Olayemi, Former ES of Ifako ijaiye Local govt, Rotarian Rotimi Adeleye, Woman Leader Ifako Ijaiye , Alhaja Fetuga, Baale and the leader of the Council Biodun Akinola and the Councillors, SLG Pst Ayo Jeje, Honourable member of the House of Reps, Hon James Adisa Owolabi and Hon Demola Doherty.

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