Wednesday , 29 May 2024

Our New Products Save 40% Energy -Olugbenga Kolawole, Commercial Director, Cool World


Let’s meet you sir?

My name is Olugbenga Kolawole, I am the commercial director for Cool World Electrical. Cool World electrical is a subsidiary of PZ cussons, and PZ cussons is the brand owner of Thermocool. The reason why we have gathered here today is to launch the energy saving series of Thermocool. Thermocool has come up with a new series of product in the refrigerator and freezer categories and we continue to save about 40% of less energy than your current appliances. Two reasons why Thermocool has come up with these things: one, the cost of energy in Nigeria as we know today has continue to rise and will continue to rise. Two, there is a part of the corporate social responsibility Thermocool has taken upon its self. So, the gases and the refrigerant in these new units are more environment friendly and that gives you the ability for these units to work more effectively. These units in the freezer category you could save about #42,000 and the savings actually in your electrical usage. So you use less energy worth of #42,000 in an annual basis, on the fridges it is about #35,000 savings. And this is about the launch we are having here today is to tell people we are partnering with Thermocool  and we want to ensure that all our customers continue to enjoy the best products in the Thermocool range. Cool world has its locations in Allen-Avenue, Victoria Island, Enugu, Port-harcourt, Abuja, Ibadan and kano. In all those seven locations we will only sell you more environment friendly appliances and that is our commitment to Nigerians.

In terms of consumption, what is the capacity of energy consumption?

The amperage used by these appliances is less, the energy consumption is less, you can actually operate on a smaller generator set to carry and run the same appliances so, that obviously is a savings to be booked because you don’t need to upsize your generator any longer for your appliances. It’s a win-win situation for Nigerians, consumers and most retailers out there.

Even the smaller generator set popularly called ”I beta pass my neighbor” generator can go with these?

Yes, one demonstration we can do here is, even the new air condition series, the generator parts use which now uses the gas R4Tech instead of the gas R22. The one horse power can be powered with a ”I beta pass my neighbor generator set”.

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