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Glo enchants subscribers with techy TVCs​ ​

​Globacom has rolled out three enchanting television commercials to give wings to its products and services and create buzz among its various customers and other stakeholders.

​The brand new TVCs currently enjoying airplay across Nigeria celebrate the techy ‘magic’ telecom subscribers can enjoy with the power of Glo 4G.

The first to be released was the 3D animation video featuring the masked one, Lagbaja, with his trademark talking drum and velvety-voiced Yemi Alade. This TVC got a lot of tongues wagging as Nigerians, especially techy youths, were tickled by the video.

The video opens with the computer generated characters of Yemi Alade and Lagbaja waltzing to Afrocalypso music popularized by him. They move to the lyrics powered by Yemi Alade who hit unimaginable music notes, complemented by the talking drums, while Lagbaja’s guttural voice acts as chorus. “Awesome, awesome.. mo so fun e… I need you, and you need me… awesome…ebube… awesome… e-bu-be-!..” they sing in the TVC.​

Two commercials, dubbed “Emoji” and “Smart Home”, which equally demonstrate the effectiveness, dynamism and power of contemporary technology, aided by the social media, were thereafter rolled out by Globacom.  The Emoji commercial conveys the various emotions of netizens whilst responding to issues and begins with the protagonist, a female, receiving a notification on her smartphone that “the party is banging”. The notification galvanizes her into action as she jumps on a motorbike, excited to join the fun.

As a result of this, the business man she was discussing with before receiving the notification is agitated and shouts “Na wa o!” in frustration as he repeatedly hits his knee on literally getting a red card through a bad telecommunication experience. The clip morphs into a football field where a player angrily storms out of the field, kicking off one of her boots in the process. Meanwhile, subscribers to Globacom are exchanging hi-fives while having a ball on the network.

The commercial also highlights one of the common hustles youths engage in which is juice and smoothie-making. A fruit seller receives a call on a Glo line detailing the order of a client. She then communicates this ​ to a delivery van which promptly delivers the consignment.

An unsatisfied customer, a lady, breaks into tears as her videos are not downloading. She sends all her drinks flying with a kick. She later takes a bike to join the Globacom party where netizens are having a ball, dancing and taking selfies.

In “Smart Home” TVC, Globacom demonstrates some of the possibilities in today’s tech-enabled world where household chores like switching the light on and off, turning on the tap and opening doors are done through remote control.

Nollywood stars, Sola Sobowale and Mama G (Patience Ozokwor) attend an “end-of-the-year party” organized by Mama Gee’s daughter. At the party, Sobowale follows her daughter to the rest room and is taken aback when the door opens on its own accord. ​ She looks behind the door for who or what opened the door.

Continuing her search, Sobowale goes to the living room where she relaxes on the settee and is even admiring Mama G’s picture in a photo frame she picked up when the fan and light bulbs were turned on by Mama G and her daughter who were monitoring her movement on their smartphone from outside unknown to Sobowale while the rest of the party looked on.

The same thing happens at the rest room when Mama G​ and her daughter turn on the tap in the wash-hand basin remotely to startle Sobowale and her daughter who bolts out of the house, hollering “there is something opening the door, switching the lights!” Mama G then retorts, “nothing to worry about” and Odunlade rounds it off with “Na Glo 4G dey run things”.

​ Sobowale later has her revenge when she scares Mama G and her daughter as they pass by her car which suddenly start beeping in panic mode, with Sobowale dangling the remote control with a victory smile on her face.​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​

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