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Wedding Anniversary : Oba Elegushi and Olori Aramide’s 17 unbridled years of blissful marriage


The popular and flamboyant monarchs in Lagos and Nigeria, Oba Saheed Ademola Elegushi, Kusenla III, the Oba Elegushi of Ikateland and his drop-dead gorgeous wife, Oloori Sekinat Aramide celebrated another blissful year of marriage, today, Sunday, May 24, 2020.

The lovely duo, Oba Saheed and his adorable Sekinat started this novel relationship as undergraduates during their university days in Lagos and they have kept it strong for years as a royal couple and still best of friends.

With their almost two decades of unblemished royal matrimony will continue to be a case study and reference point for aspiring couples, especially in this turbulent days of crashed marriages among royalties & celebrities in their ilk.

For His Royal Majesty, Oba Saheed Ademola Elegushi of Ikateland and his charming wife, Olori Sekinat Aramide has been together for 17 long years of unquantifiable marital union, even in the face of skirmishes here and there to keep the marriage brimming with love. Perseverance, respect, resilient, commitment, tolerant and fear of God could have been the benchmark words steering their marriage for years, much to the envy and amazement of many.

Even when reality tested their bountiful and lovely union, delectable Olori Sekinat remains unperturbed in professing unflinching love and undivided devotion to King Gushi which makes their love continue to wax stronger and stronger.

Olori Sekinat has steadfastly remained a strong pillar of success behind her husband’s resounding success in the firmament of daunting royal duties and traditional responsibilities without let or hindrance. Other women in her ilk would have caved into such inanities like the arrival of a rival in her homestead which has been her stronghold for years without any inhibition.

Oba Elegushi eulogizes Olori Sekianit on his micro-blogging site, Instagram, with pictorial reminisce of their very beginning to celebrate their 17th wedding anniversary. He left a very loving and appreciating message for her. He wrote: Which of the favours of Allah shall we deny? (Quran 55 vs 13) 17years ago, when we started this journey, it was with mixed feelings; one, there was love, true love that existed between us; secondly, the anxiety that comes with two young minds deciding to live as one.

From our humble and modest beginning, we’ve come this far and gotten better and proven to the world that ours is an inimitable choice.

Join me in thanking my Olori for all she has been. I thank you for our amazing Angels; I thank you for the peace; I thank you for the love; I thank you for bringing finesse, panache and reverence to this Stool and the kingdom; I thank you for your firm belief in our collective dream.

Only you could have started and steered this ship. I pray Almighty Allah will continue to keep us safe in love, sound in good health and success in all our affairs, till forever.  Happy Anniversary to us.”

To say that the happiest moments of their life have been those days they had spent at home in the bosom of their nuclear family, despite the lull of time posed by palace duties as they’re still fond of each other.

Nigeria’s most effervescent monarch, Oba ‘Gushi and his beautiful, stylish and fashionista wife, Aramide (nee Ipaye), is blessed with three lovely children and seventeen years down the line, the bond keeps waxing stronger and the couple seems determined to maintain that tempo of love.

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