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Access Bank creating a new world with Accessmore App

Banking in confidence as well as in convenience is what every financial institution strives to give to its customers. They want their customers to know that the word ‘bank’ is beyond a physical structure, and with the right innovation, what they can do is limitless.


The ultimate goal here is to bring banking to the fingertips of customers and that is exactly what Access Bank, the biggest retail bank in Africa, is offering to its customers through the AccessMore app. The Bank believes in the power of ‘more’ and stops at nothing to ensure that their customers have access to only the best banking solutions.

The AccessMore app is a new mobile payment application built on cutting- edge technology, offering tailored and personalized services, and excellent customer experience. The app was built out of the need to deliver to its customers, a world-class banking experience from anywhere and at any time.

Its unique features and benefits help create a wholesome banking experience for its users which positions it as the best digital bank in Africa. These features include Dubai Visa application, Local & International flight bookings, Target savings, Foreign currency transfers, Theme and Colour Scheme Personalization, Customizable Dashboards, Improved Beneficiary Management, Self-Pay QR generation for Intra-bank Transfers, Better customer experience, Account opening for new customers (personal and business), Self-Limit setting, and lots more.

Speaking on the motive behind the invention, CEO Access Bank Plc, Herbert Wigwe, stated: “In a period like this, when we need to be more present and relevant in the lives of our customers, we have risen to the challenge to ensure that they have access to their funds and can conveniently initiate transactions while keeping safe at home.

“To deliver on our promise to continually give our customers ‘more’, we worked with first-class tech experts to build the AccessMore app to suit our customers’ lifestyles and meet their financial needs”

He added: “The AccessMore mobile app doesn’t only deliver the best combination of both mobile apps, it accommodates the unique needs of existing users delivering the best mobile banking experience on a world-class platform”.

In a bid to reward customers for using its digital channels (USSD-*901# and mobile apps- AccessMore, old Access Bank mobile app and Old Diamond Bank mobile app), the transact and win promo was launched and will run from April to December 2020.

Winners of the promo will be rewarded with a brand new car quarterly. Access Bank never fails to be a step ahead when it comes to being innovative and this can easily be attributed to the bond they have with their customers, one that pushes them to keep giving more.

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