Coronavirus: MTN Takes Precautionary Steps To Safeguard Employees, Suppliers, Customers

Folowing official confirmation of Covid-19 cases in some African countries particularly Nigeria, MTN Group has taken a series of precautionary measures to ensure continuity of services and the safety of its stakeholders including employees, customers, communities and suppliers against the potential outbreak, The Gazelle reports.  

This assurance was given on Wednesday, 18 March, 2020 by the acting Public Relations Manager of the group in Nigeria, Lakinbofa Goodluck, in a statement released to journalists in Lagos.

According to him, “a key priority for MTN is to ensure business continuity. Our services over this time will be even more critical, so a priority is ensuring network continuity, availability of spares and equipment and the upgrading of capacity. We wish to assure our stakeholders that the implementation of precautionary measures will have a negligible impact on our operations. We need to “keep the connectivity lights on for our customers at all costs.”

He stated further that, “in our own environments we have installed thermal scanners at MTN office facilities, as an early detection method for testing body temperature and enhanced hygiene measures including hand sanitizers in all our offices.  The implementation of a work-from-home plan for employees has also been implemented. In addition, we have placed restrictions on all international travel and also reducing, wherever possible, domestic travel, as we continue to monitor the situation.

“We encourage our employees, stakeholders and customers to remain calm and take the necessary precautions as outlined by the medical fraternity to minimise the spread of the virus. 

“COVID-19 is, unquestionably, testing our society. We continue to monitor the global situation closely and strictly adhere to the recommendations of relevant international authorities such as the World Health Organisation and the local departments of health”.