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Hon. Saka Fafunmi’s House of Reps’ bid is well-thought out

…Why he deserves his Ifako/Ijaiye constituents’ support

It is no longer news that this gregarious politician of deep grassroots commitment is well-loved by his people, even long before he came into limelight as a House of Assembly member in 2007, and now a third-term member of the vibrant legislative House of Lagos state. Now that it is getting clearer and re-assuring that Honourable Dayo Saka Fafunmi is taking the stakes higher by eying the Lower House in Abuja, as a Federal House Reps member, there are no doubts that the astute politician is on a mission possible, going by feelers and indices coming from his Ifako/Ijaiye Federal Constituency, especially among party elders, stakeholders and his admirers. Great leaders command great following because they not only provide vision, they also lead the way to the future. Hence, they connect with the people, home and abroad. Wherever they go, people cheer them, celebrate them, and honour, them not only for their exemplary lifestyle, but more importantly because of their scintillating performances in and out of office. Through their sacrifice and effort, they put smiles on the faces of the people they lead. They bequeath to their generations and unborn generations legacies of imperishable substance. These legacy projects usually generate for them, a cult-like following, that critics may wonder and be amazed at the show of love, support and loyalty they enjoy from left, right and centre. All these virtues are what dynamic, versatile and ever politically-focused Saka Fafunmi enjoys, and will no doubt enjoy same privileges when the stakes are high in his new ambition. The massive and warmth reception of Hon. Saka Fafunmi in his constituency, especially in Ojokoro, are testimonies that his legacies are distinctively felt in his beloved constituency, either directly or indirectly. That is why his people are earnestly picking and settling for him as the best choice for Ifako/Ijaiye 2019; in one of the social media platforms. Hon. Saka Fafunmi’s leadership prowess and style are second to none in Ifako/Ijaiye. He is no doubt an epitome of good representation. His passion and love for his people are legendary, and this no doubt has endeared him to a lot of people, both within and outside his jurisdiction in Ifako/Ijaiye. It was therefore not surprising when he was recently warmly received by one of the strongest political blocs in Ojokoro, a sister local development of Ifako/Ijaiye Local Government Area. Time may fail one to mention all, but it should be made bold to say that, no one constituent in Ifako/Ijaiye today has not benefitted from his effective, benevolent and qualitative representation. For instance, through his representation, most of the major infrastructures we have in IfakoIjaiye Constituency 01 were facilitated by him. Talk of the two major roads in the local government: the College road and Iju road. How about the rehabilitation and construction of Kayode, Victor Olaleye, Abeokuta, Taiwo Ashabi, Abiola Onijemo streets; plus the on-going network of roads in Ajuwon Community comprising about seven streets,  Oguntade Street,  Iju Ishaga–Agbado Crossing roads, network of roads around the Dana Plane crash, just to mention a few of the roads. The General Hospital and the Ongoing IfakoIjaiye Mini-Stadium also deserve mentioning. As a lawmaker, he is instrumental to a number of bills and motions which have direct impacts in the lives of the people. The environmental law of Lagos State, the consumer protection law, motion on improved security in the early days of Boko Haram which led to increase purchase of security apparatus by the LASG. In the area of oversight, he has done creditably well, first as chairman of House Committee on Infrastructure, Public Accounts (Local) and the House Committee on the Environment. If the erstwhile, Gov. Fashola recorded massive performance in the area of infrastructures, it is partly due to the Lagos State House of Assembly support through the House Committee on Infrastructure. But Hon Dayo Saka Fafunmi is not one of those leaders who will be satisfied with mere performance of constitutionally assigned duties. So, it is therefore not surprising that he has embarked on personal empowerment projects that have endeared him to both young and old constituents in his constituency. The Free School Bus Rides Programme, two buses in number, longer than the popular BRT buses which convey students to and fro of primary and secondary schools is one of the programmes which have separated Hon. Fafunmi from the rest leaders in his constituency and Lagos as a whole. For instance, there are less than ten lawmakers (state and national representatives) that run such programmes in Lagos State; but only Hon. Fafunmi is using those kinds of luxurious buses to convey the children of the rich and less-privileged to and from school. Every day, hundreds of school children queue at the bus stops to board the buses to schools free of charge without any form of discrimination. The Free ICT programme is another life-saving programme that most constituents talk about. For four months, youths in Ifako/Ijaiye and neighbouring constituencies come around to learn basic aspects of computers from Microsoft packages to Corel Draw and usage of internets; youths with and without access to computers are taught meticulously by seasoned tutors. As at the last count, and according to close aides, not less than six thousand youths have benefited from the programme. How about the Free Fashion programme in which about a thousand youths have undergone training with over six hundred empowered with sewing machines. Same with the Makeover Free Training Programme and free JAMB (UTME) forms. Like they say, good fruits will naturally attract a lot of onlookers, thus it is not surprising that the good people of Ojokoro cannot wait to give their support to Hon. Saka Fafunmi, if only to have a taste of good, effective and efficient representation at a higher level in Abuja. From his eloquence to command of language, majority of the co-aspirants cannot boast of such pedigree. His over a decade legislative experience at the LSHA, no doubt has prepared him for the greater task of representing the amiable people of Ifako/Ijaiye at the Federal House of Representatives. Intellectually, others will also queue up behind Hon. Fafunmi. With two university degrees in Engineering and Law, two masters in Engineering and social sciences, Hon Saka Fafunmi is sure the man to beat, as far as academic pedigree is concerned among his co-contestants. More importantly, all the contestants have been tested at one time or the other. One was a Secretary to the Local government twice; how many students’ school fees did he pay? How many people or youths did he empower while he was in office? And even as a serving lawmaker at the Green Chamber, what has been his contribution to the society in the last three years? Or is it the person, who was sent packing in 2014 because of abysmal performance principally for losing touch with the people? Accountability is the hallmark of good leadership. This, Hon. Fafunmi has amply demonstrated through his yearly Town Hall Meetings. Tell me which other serving and past lawmakers in Ifako/Ijaiye that has consistently given account of his stewardship like Hon. Saka Fafunmi. Essentially, therefore, the coming primary and general election is like a referendum for all the contestants for the office of Ifako/Ijaiye Federal House of Representatives. Nd Hon. Saka Fafunmi stands in good stead to beat all odds and any contestant when the chips are down. It is therefore hopeful that we will people should put sentiments aside and make good judgment when the time comes by supporting and voting for Hon. Dayo Saka Fafunmi.

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