Thursday , 25 July 2024

How Abdul Samad Rabiu Led BUA Group is Making Life Difficult for Kano Bakers

Bread manufacturers and the Gurasa Bakers Association of Kano state have threatened to go on an indefinite strike if BUA GROUP owned by Abdul Samad Rabiu, IRS, Super, and Golden Confectionery do not reverse the price of flour within a week of calling off a three-day warning strike.

Gurasa is a flour-based Kano indigenous local bread that is a popular delicacy among Hausa people in the state.

The association’s Chairperson, Fatima Auwalu, stated on Thursday that nothing has changed since they called off the warning strike, leading them to go on indefinite strike until authorities and stakeholders act.

Mrs. Auwalu claims that all Gurasa bakers in the state are losing money due to the continuous rise in the price of flour, which is a key ingredient in the production of one of the region’s staple cuisines.

The Chairperson noted that the price of flour was N9,500 not long ago, but has now risen to N16,200, and urged the companies to reduce the price to N9,000 or shut down their operations.

She went on to explain that, aside from the price rise, the product’s quality has deteriorated, and that “this has significantly damaged our business.”“Since calling off the warning strike, we expected the price to drop, but to our dismay, the price has been steadily rising. ” We and our customers suffered difficulty as a result of the three-day strike, but we had no choice but to take industrial action in order to draw the attention of the authorities responsible for finding a long-term solution to the problem.

Mrs. Auwalu went on to say that the strike has been called off due to the intervention of the Kano state Commissioner of Police and other authorities.

“In general, we utilize IRS flour, BUA flour, Golden Confectionery flour, and Super Flour. We exclusively used these three brands all of the time. However, we’re in a terrible situation since, as a result of the increase in flour prices, our business has shrunk to a shadow of its former self.

“Let me take this opportunity to appeal to Abdul Samad Rabiu and other stakeholders to rapidly reverse the flour price, otherwise we will have to close our doors. If we shut it down, it won’t just effect us; it’ll touch a lot of people in this state and across the North,” she cautioned.

Usaina Adamu, another Gurasa baker, said they were forced to go on an indefinite strike after their warning action failed to produce the intended results.

According to her, the bakers went on strike in order to draw the attention of stakeholders to the need to limit the price of flour, but their action had no effect on the issue.

“We urged parties to take action in order to contain the situation, but it is deteriorating.

“As a result, we demand that Abdul Samad Rabiu, IRS, and other enterprises immediately reduce the price of flour to N9000, or we will go on indefinite strike. They should be aware that this company has helped tens of thousands of people. Many people will suffer if we shut it down,” she said.

Umar Badamasi, the Vice Chairman of the Gurasa Sellers Association, expressed surprise at how the price of flour continues to grow day after day.

“We urge all stakeholders, including manufacturers such as BUA, IRS, Super, and others, to look into this situation and come up with a solution. They should also issue a warning to those dealers who we feel are raising prices while receiving the commodities at a lower cost from the manufacturers. He stated, “If this is not done, we would have no choice but to shut down the business.

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