Monday , 17 June 2024


  Johnson Onifade Abeokuta
 An Islamic Cleric and Judge of the sharia court of Appeal kwara state Abdur Rasheed Ahmad Sayi has warned that NigerNigeria is atop keg of gunpowder ready to explode unless the situation is given urgent attention with a bold step to difuse the tension now pervading the Nation.
     The erudite scholarr dropped this explosive statement in Abeokuta whilewhile delivering a lecture wih the theme “”Threat to National security and unity;Religion as a panacea or problem “”.
  In his words, “what NigeriNigeria is currently witnessing in terms of insecurity will be a negligible faction of chaos that will come if care is not taken “”.
  According to Sheik Sayi  ,the two religions Islam and Christianity was supposed to speak with one voice but they have continued to use the two religions to create security problems and also engaged in inhalation of questionable characters as chiefs in the mosques and churches .He how ever urged leaders of both Islam and Christianity to desist from preaching about prosperity alone but to  “inculcate the core values,trends and teaching  LOVE and unity òf mankind in the minds of their adherents “
 Sheik Sayi also took a swipe at thr the activities of the medja practitioners especially on the internet in the country for. misleading and misinformìng the public via the fake stories on the internet platforms lamenting that  journalism in Nigeria has also created immensely  political problem courtesy fake information that that has created chaos and catastrophe accros Nigeria .He therefore urged the medja practitioners to continue to play vital role3in reversing
thet trends of insecurity   by imbibing and practising reasonable journalism which according to him will go a long way in prexervjng societal peace and unity of  Nigeria.

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