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Newsthumb: Good evening Sir, can I know you Sir

Interviewed: My name is Hon Popoola Adeshina, SSS of the governor of Ogun state, Ogboma local government.

Newsthumb: Sir, we are seeing the tremendous job the Ogun state government is doing with your corporation, how did you achieve it sir

Interviewed: Thank you, you see our governor has focus, he has determination, he is a governor of the people, by the people and for the people, immediately he gave his word, he must do exactly what he said, you can see Ogun state since 2019, the state transformed to small London. They called Mr governor mr road because he has so many achievements on the road, agriculture, health, education, infrastructure and youth empowerment. You see our governor is not focused on only his own senetorial district, he tours across all of Ogun state to make sure each local government has a project they can rely on.

Newsthumb: Sir, being a politician and a man of the people, how do you cope to manage with your people and still achieve a lot within the little time that you’ve been with this government??

Interviewed: Yeah, because our government, we have a template, we have focus, our governor has goals and objectives, that’s why everything he’s doing is looking like a miracle. The people in his cabinet are working well together with him, they think together, they have the same passion and our governor, you know his father is a teacher so anything the governor said, he must fulfill it, that’s why in Ogun state, all the parties joined us, there’s no extra party in Ogun state because what the governor is doing, Dr Dapo Abiodun MFR, what he’s doing has enticed all the other parties, they had to decamp to us.

Newsthumb: Sir, what is your relationship with your party, because we’ve seen Ogun state for 2 and a half years and we’ve seen that there’s no opposition, how did you and your governor achieve this??

Interviewed: As you can see, there are a lot of parties in Ogun state, but the thing is all of them had to decamp because of the excellent job his excellency is doing, they decamped to come support the governor so he can continue the good job he’s doing in Ogun state.

Newsthumb: Sir aside the post you’re holding now, what are your plans for the future elections??

Interviewed: Well, first of all we’ll give everything to God, it’s only God that knows tomorrow, but with the good I’m doing to my people, when the time comes I know the door will open, because for now we have a savior which is his excellency the governor, and they have a leader in my local government, when the time comes I’ll have to tell them that this is what I’m looking for, if I’m told to go ahead, I’ll go ahead. Because in politics now, there’s is no godfather, your leadership must tell you go ahead before you go ahead. Although I’ll want to be a commissioner, but God’s time is the best. But I thank God for where the governor put me, the environment is large, the environment is working. You can see Ogun state now, the environment is cleaner.

Newsthumb: Sir, on our way coming from Lagos down here because we passed through the Lagos-Abeokuta expressway, we saw that everywhere was very clean, how were you able to achieve it??

Interviewed: Thank you, God bless you, it all goes to our governor, Dr Dapo Abiodun MFR, and my senior man above me SEO Adesanya. The man has a good vision for Ogun state, he was a lawman in Lagos before, he’s now managing Ogboma environment in Ogun state. He has his technique, he has the way he was doing it in Lagos and he came to Ogun state and continued the good work, he’s from Ogun state and that’s another reason we’re all able to achieve together. We need Ogun state to be clear.

Newsthumb: Sir, what is your relationship with your party members, your leaders and who is your mentor???

Interviewed: Yes, thank you, my relationship with my leaders is solid, the thing is I’m not far away from my leader. If you’re far away from your leader, it’ll allow any intruder or whatever to come in between. Be consistent with your leader, be honest with him. Also, my followers, they know me and I know them, they believe in me cause if I tell them this is gonna happen, it is gonna happen. If I tell them I don’t have anything, they’ll believe me, if I tell them no, they understand that it’s no and if I tell them yes, they also understand. In the role of leadership, you must make sure you gain your followers trust and confidence.

Newsthumb: Sir, can you just tell us little about your family??

Interviewed: I have a peaceful home, I have two wives. What I do for the left, I also do for the right, I make sure everybody has equal rights and my children, they are all doing well.

Newsthumb: Sir, lastly we at Newsthumb, we are celebrating our 10 years anniversary. Can you just give us a message towards our event.

Interviewed: The 10 years anniversary of Newsthumb. Let me say happy 10 years in advance, by God’s grace, you’ll
do more than 10 years and your business will grow more than what you expect, it’ll be all over Nigeria, all over the world. People will read your paper. God will announce your name to be greater than what you expect

Newsthumb: Thank you very much Sir

Hon. DAYO SAKA FAFUNMIHon Dayo Saka Fafunmi is many things to different people. To some, he is a bridge builder, to some others he was a legislator per excellence, while some other people see him as Philanthropist of great repute. To some, he is a Pillar of support. Whatever you call him, Dayo Fafunmi has within his short sojourn on Earth touched several lives and crossed many paths.Born on 25th February, 1970 to the Family of Late Alhaji Saka and Mrs Bisi Fafunmi in Ifako Ijaiye, Lagos State. He started his elementary primary school at the Local Authority Primary School in Agege, before proceeding to Oke-Ira Grammar School in the present Ojodu Local Development Council Area, Ikeja, Lagos State, finishing as the Head Boy of his Set in 1987.Following this, he proceeded to the University of Ilorin where he obtained a degree in Electrical Engineering in 1997. During his days in the University, he was a first-rate student with Scholar Award of Excellence. Added to this is a Law degree from the prestigious University of Lagos and professional membership of the Nigeria Bar Association in 2016 and 2017 respectively. He equally holds post-graduate degree in Public Administration from the University of Lagos, Lagos State.He had worked in several places including Chips and Bites Ltd as IT Officer, Lagos State Ministry of Finance as Head of Department before retiring to found his own business. As a man with passion for selfless service and with a burning desire to make impact in people’s lives, Hon Dayo Saka Fafunmi ventured into the world of politics by contesting for the Lagos State House of Assembly in 2003 but was not able to secure the ticket. He however re-contested in 2007 and was duly elected as the honourable member representing the good people of Ifako Ijaiye at the Lagos State House of Assembly.Based on his exemplary leadership performance, He was given opportunity to serve his constituency for three consecutive terms, having been part of the progress recorded during the sixth, seventh and the eight Assemblies.As a legislator, Fafunmi was the Chairman of the House Committee on Works and Infrastructure during the sixth Assembly; Public Account Committee (Local) in the seventh Assembly where he made a number of reforms in the accounting system of the local governments in Lagos State. He was the Chairman of Committee on the Environment in the eight Assembly, whose chairmanship alongside other colleagues was able to among other things fashion out the new Lagos State Environmental Law with a mission to create a new cleaner, environmental friendly and aesthetic Lagos. Fafunmi is a friendly personality who commanded respect from his colleagues in the Assembly; and passionately loved by the people of his constituency who sees him as a kind-hearted and humane person. Besides his statutory responsibility of law-making, representation, legitimizing and performance of over-sight functions alongside other honourable colleagues during his terms in Office; Hon Fafunmi embarked on a number of personal empowerment programmes such as: Free ICT Training for over 6000 youths, Free Fashion Design Training for over 650 beneficiaries, Free Makeover Training for about 300 youths, Yearly Distribution of Free JAMB (University Tertiary Matriculation Examination) forms for over 1000 students, Run Daily Free Transportation of Two School Buses for students of secondary and primary schools since 2012 to 2019; gave out scholarships to indigent but brilliant students from time to time.He has bagged numerous awards for his meritorious service to the people, among which are:Outstanding Leadership Award by Youth Assembly of Nigeria, 2018Exemplary Leadership Award Haymen Entertainment, 2018Merit Award by Caleb international School, 2018Fabulous Achievers Award by Fabulous Media Ltd, 2018Friend & Supporter of the Club Award by Triple FFC, 2017,State Legislator of the Year by Nigerian News Direct, 2016,Outstanding Leadership Award by MBE, 2016,Outstanding Assembly Man of the Year by Classic African Merit Award, 2013,City Pride Achievers Award by City Pride Magazine, November, 2013,Global Aids Ambassador by the Global Health Council, May 19th, 2013University Scholar Award by the Governing Council, University of Ilorin, Kwara State,The Outstanding Young Person Award in Constituency Development by Junior Chamber International (JCI), University of Lagos Chapter, Award from the Nigerian Institute of Building, Lagos State Chapter, Award of Excellence by the National Union of Lagos State Students;Gold Merit Award by the National Association of Ifako – Ijaiye Students (NAIS), 2010, among others.He is married to a beautiful wife and the duo are blessed with lovely children. As part of his vision and passion for a greater and better Ifako Ijaiye, Lagos, and humanity as a whole, he remains committed and dedicated to selfless service.

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