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My life at 60th, I feel fulfilled – Rev.Dorcas Asehinde

The founder of Tehilla Chruch,Makogi via Magboro ogun state clocks 60years 1st march 2022,she was grateful to God for seen her through 60th birthday on earth.The business woman turn Evangelist was so happy when she was talking to the selected journalists recently. She said the she was fulfilled to have clocked sixty years despite several challenges in the journey of life.Rev. (Mrs) Dorcas Olategun Asehinde had her elementary, Secondary and tertiary education in the Northern part of the country, precisely, Bida, in Niger state before she got married to her husband Engnieer Asehinde in the year 1983 and decided to join him at Lagos.Rev. Asehinde shared her experience when was was into business because she was an enterprise woman,she ventured into business of catering and textile with several shops in Lagos Island before she called by God to serve him.She became an international business woman through textile business by selling broacade, swiss lace etc this business made her to leave the sore of the country for London, Austria,Europe,contoun to get quality material for her clients who were crème de la crème in the society which included The popular Otedolas and several other influencial personality in the society.“ I started with one shop which located at Tinubu market, Lagos Island she claimed. She said that due to high patronage the shop was increase to five thereby, it make her so popular and infulencial among her contemporaries in the business,those shops were located at high brow area of Nnamadi Azikwe,Tinubu market, Kosoko all on Lagos Island.“ People came to purchase cloth from me “Legbe Legbe” which means in group between 1996-2011. I was so blessed, she maintained”.According to the business woman turn Reverend,in 2011 due to stress and she felt sick which made her to seek for medical attention at overseas in Missipissi, at America, she was diagonised of cancer of breast whereby she had to go under knife and it was a successful one.“I was so bold ,I had no fear because Jesus Christ was with me,woman of God said”In July 2019,things started change when she had a vision that people gather in the hall with pain, she claimed that in that vision , she made bold prayer that the God that saved her during the cancer surgery shall equally save these people, sundenly she woke up from the vision,that was the beginging of the journey into the pastoral work.According to the highly enterprising woman of God, she said that went to relay this to er pastor at New Baptist church that she even needed to serve God more. This led her to Winner Bible School for more knowledge about word of God as directed by the holy spirit.Again she was eventually invited to the Winners church where she had the oppourtunity to sit behind Bishop Oyedepo for more annoniting and noe one has ever done such thing. There and then she had the voice of God directing her that she should be prasing God at the garage in her house, that was how she began praise and worship inside their car garage.In Nov.19, 2011,the ministry was dedicated where pastors from different churches came to bless the church and signs and wonders happened.Rev. Asehinde went to Shilo yearly programme together with her brethren to celebrate one year anniversary of her ministry, miraculously several people were blessed. “There and then I have to close down my five shops when I had the call of God”, she claimed.She said that within the two months that she hided the voice of God , a Church was built by her to the first floor level in March 2013 at makogi via magboro, ogun state.When we got to where the church was located at Makogi in 2013, it was forest but God promised to make the place a city which it has become now. She gives credit and praise to God that she was living in duplex at Lagos but when she heeded to the voice of God ,she is now living in Palace,a delighted woman of God said.“I obey God to the fullest, Everything is obedience,founder of Telhilla Church claimed”. Her husband Engineer Tunde Asehinde described her as God given gift,a prayerful woman. He said that the woman of God has done a lot in her life and family.Engineer Asehinde says that her wife has passion for God beyond her comprehshion, said that she is so generous, a giver and above all an epitome of forgiveness and enterprise woman

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