Monday , 26 February 2024

Security agencies intercepted IPoB drone, IEDs in Imo/Anambra border for surveillance and combat purposes

Nigerian security agencies have intercepted a drone which they said was imported into the country by the Indigenous People of Biafra from an Asian country for surveillance and combat purposes.

Newsthumb learnt that the drone, which was already delivered and put into use, was modelled and imported as an agricultural instrument to be put into urgent use by farmers in the community.

Our correspondence learnt from knowledgeable sources familiar with the operation, that the deadly attack drone was however seized from IPoB camp in Orsu Local Government of Imo State following sustained surveillance by eagle-eyed Nigerian security operatives.

Our correspondent gathered that apart from the drone, security operatives also recovered 225 pieces of dynamites and other Improved Explosive Devices from the same location, which lies between Imo and Anambra boundary.

The source said, “The IPoB elements have gone to the extent of importing deadly attack drones into the country with a view to causing maximum damage to lives and property. They bought the attack instrument but described it as a farm equipment so as to escape scrutiny but they got it wrong.

“These fellows have also mounted Closed Circuit Television cameras on telecommunication masts within their camps which are situated in undulating locations, to monitor security forces so as to be able to attack innocent persons and cause heavy damage.

“As if this anti-people action was not enough, they also ring their main camps between Anambra and Imo with explosives so as to deter anyone from getting close and preventing their nefarious activities.

“We have discovered that the deployment of the IEDs and the attack drone was to cause maximum damage to human beings and property and ward off counter attack by the security agencies. But they have failed and will continue to fail in the dastard acts,” the source said.

“We have continued to interrogate some of the suspects arrested in connection with these actions, which portend grave danger to the people of the area, where these criminal acts are being perpetrated,” the top official said.

It will be recalled that similar deadly materials were retrieved by the police from the same group in Ebonyi on Thursday.

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