Monday , 17 June 2024

Access Bank, American Express partner to expand card usage

Access Bank says it has partnered with American Express to broaden the acceptance and usage of American Express cards in Nigeria.

It said this in a statement on Friday titled ‘Access Bank launches partnership with American Express to expand the acceptance of cards in Nigeria’.

With this, it stated, the full-service bank acquired merchants who would accept American Express card payments in the country.

“This partnership will enable American Express card holders use their cards at a wider range of merchant locations when they spend time in Nigeria for tourism, business or visit friends and family,” it stated.

It said the International American Express card holders would also be able to withdraw cash from Access Bank ATMs.

Local merchants would now have the option to accept American Express through Access Bank, thereby not only encouraging increased merchant business activity but also offering travelling American Express card holders the opportunity to transact using their preferred method of payment, it stated.

The bank said this new partnership would broaden the acceptance of American Express payments via Access Bank as well as Access Bank ATMs and ecommerce websites nationwide.

It stated, “Many global organisations use American Express Corporate cards as well as their employees who use these products for personal and business transactions.

“When international travel recovers, many corporate card holders travelling to Nigeria for business are therefore likely to seek merchants that accept American Express, presenting an opportunity for those businesses that welcome the card.

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