Monday , 17 June 2024


By Zailani Bappa.

When the committee set up by Governor Bello Muhammad (Matawallen Maradun) to verify inherited assets and liabilities in Zamfara State came up with the startling figure of N300 billion liability, many sceptics thought it was fake. But then, these liabilities included unexecuted contracts whose funds have been paid.  However, the administration of Bello Muhammad is determined to get back to Zamfarans what rightly belongs to them. Verifyably, today, the same Government is driving home the fact that it meant business. Patiently, the Governor awaited the formation of a Cabinet which was inaugurated this week and held its first meeting immediately. Part of what is contained in tbe report was presented to the EXCO for deliberation and was discussed dispassionately. The meeting took very far reaching decisions which included the revocation of three major contracts, among which included a Company owned by former Governor of Kebbi State, Alhaji Adamu Ailero.  The three contracts revoked are rural electrification project for all the 14 local government areas in the state awarded in 2013 at the cost of over N22 billion. This Contract is only 67% completed.  The second Contract revoked is a first phase of rural water scheme also awarded in 2013 at the cost of over N25.5 billion and was abandoned at 75% completion. The Contract was awarded to China Zhanghao.  The third aborted contract was the second phase of the rural water project equally awarded to China Zhanghao at the cost of over N27 billion in 2018 even as the first phase was not completed five years on. The Council demanded for a return of unused funds back to the State coffers as well. Governor Bello Muhammad responded to this development by expressing his disappointment in the contractors and their awardees and warned that failure to comply with the council directives will result in prosecution.



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