Tuesday , 28 May 2024

Are you aware? : I am the most versatile Entertainer in Africa

*Was born in Maroko, went to school in Kuramo, grew up in Molusi, graduated from Akoka, relocated from Bariga back to Maroko and just released a new song to that effect*

Authored a book: *The Scars that made me a star.*[Available online]

*Have shot 16 movies these 3 years.*

*Have 21 music albums.*

*Written, produced and directed 21 movies till date.*

*Shot 3 movies in 6 days.*

*Organised over 10 Live comedy packages.*

*Never took a loan from any bank in my entire career to do any of these projects.*

*Most ridiculed comedian for not following industry cliques and shenanigans.* 🤣

*Blacklisted for standing up for others against joke stealers.*

*Most relevant brand in comedy, drama and music in 2 decades despite the odds* 😜

*Oya come to another one of my daring ventures on December 11 2021 at Terra Kulture Victoria Island Lagos 6pm. Tickets 10k*

*You will be proud of yourself!*

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