Monday , 26 February 2024

Femi Otedola demonstrates love for mum

For billionaire owner of Forte Oil, Femi Otedola, there is no place like home. And home, to him, is not any of his multi-billion naira mansions scattered around the world or any of his businesses that are raking in millions on a daily basis. Home is the feeble but welcoming arms of his mother within which he can always find warmth and comfort.

Otedola is a “Mummy’s boy” and he is damn proud to be so called. The wealthy head honcho of Forte Oil walking arm in arm with his mother, Lady Doja Otedola, through the family’s Odoragunshin community in Epe Local Government Area, Lagos State, is always a sight to behold. It is like the umbilical cord has not been broken as Otedola treats his mum like a fragile piece of rare historical artefact that must be handled with care and treasured beyond words.

Lady Doja, widow of Sir Michael Otedola of blessed memory and first lady of Lagos State in the Third Republic, still treats Femi like a kid, even though he already has adult children of his own. The tie between them is one that transcends age and the vagaries of time and circumstance. Whether it be taking her out for expensive shopping or for overseas vacations or planting a chaste kiss on her lips in a powerful statement of her significance, Otedola certainly knows how to take care of his mum.

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