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The recent introduction of Hollandia Evaporated Milk’s 120g pack size affectionately referred to as “Pere”has been met with commendation from consumers. The new “Pere” pack is being seen as an irresistible way to deliver wholesome nutritious evaporated milk in a distinctive packaging.

At a N100 price point, Hollandia Evap 120g“Pere” pack has endeared itself to millions of consumers across Nigeria for its unique creamy taste and nourishing value in a convenient pack. It is tailored to fit specific consumer needs with quantity benefits and reasonably connects with an affordable price point.

Across neighborhood shopsand departmental stores, the “Pere” pack has grown increasingly popular as more consumers consider it a favourite for its high quality, convenience and affordability, whenever they desire a creamy addition to theircup of tea, coffee, or meals.

Among consumers who spoke was Mr. OluseyiAdeniyi, a Brand Consultant with MarketingPlus. He stated that while Hollandia Evap is already a household name in Nigeria for its product quality, affordability and satisfaction, its new 120g “Pere” pack size is a packaging innovation thatis making inroads with its convenient portion size.

“The Hollandia Evap 120g “Pere” pack size is an innovative pack that offers a good on-shelf presentation and delivers fresh appeal in addition to its creamy goodness. The pack’s increasing popularity is driven by consumer trends and desire for convenient portion size, more personal choice and affordability,” he said.

For Ezekiel Usman, a student of University of Ibadan, Hollandia Evap is a creamy and highly nutritious milk. He noted that as students, it was imperative to settle for value adding products that are pocket friendly, and the new “Pere” pack fits the bill for his daily use.

“Each day, I always take a hot cup of coffee or a bowl of cereal complemented with Hollandia Evap because of its freshness, creamy goodness and vital nourishment.Now with the N100 “Pere” pack, I am glad I still get the same great taste, nutrition and satisfactionat an affordable price,” he added.

Chi Limited’s Managing Director, Mr. Roy Deepanjan, expressed delight on the feedback received so far from consumers. He stressed that the Hollandia Evap 120g “Pere” pack size has captured consumer affection by being value maximizing and innovative.

“At the price point of N100, we were confident that the Hollandia Evap 120g “Pere” pack was good value for consumer spend when making purchasing decisions. The convenient portion size and affordability is driving affinity and growing popularity of the pack size amongst consumers desirous of wholesome nutritious milk,” he noted.

The Hollandia Evaporated Milk 120g pack size joined the 190g and 60g pack sizes on the shelf, and is available in Departmental Stores, Markets and Neighborhood kiosks across Nigeria.

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