Wednesday , 29 November 2023

More controversies as Pantami links With Taliban and Al-Qaeda : #PantamiResign, #PantamiWillStay trend

He explained forces against the Federal Government policy of compulsory National Identity Number (NIN) registration for all Nigerians and those residing in the country are behind the attacks against him.

The Minister also said he has no issues with Christians, adding that his personal driver, secretary and technical assistant are all Christians.

The Nation observed that various videos and reports flooded social media, which attracted the outrage of Nigerians requesting the immediate resignation of the Minister.

In the wake of the now-debunked allegations, many Nigerians had cited fears over their security and privacy being compromised due to NIN details available to Pantami, whose ministry heads the National Identity Management Commission (NIMC).

The hashtag – #PantamiResign and counter-hashtag – #PantamiWillStay have since been trending online respectively, having over 20,000 retweets and 15,000 tweets respectively as of time of filing this report.

Somto Onuchukwu said: “To intimidate Supreme Court judges and subjugate the judiciary, Buhari used DSS to break into the homes of 6 judges across six states simultaneously at midnight; if Buhari was against Pantami’s beliefs and utterances, nobody needs to tell him what to do. #PantamiResign.”

Abubakar Hidima Ph.D tweeted: “Do you want to feel the hate by these people? Be a practicing Muslim, come from the North & successful like @DrIsaPantami. These three factors are enough to invite all the hate from these sons & daughters of perpetual anguish.”

Ayò-Bánkólé Akíntújoyè said: “If Isa Pantami does not resign, then the resignation of Kemi Adeosun was a huge joke. What is sauce for the goose, is sauce for the gander, except she was slaughtered on the altar of bigotry and ‘cabalisation’ of Nigerian politics. #PantamiResign.”

@MFaarees_wrote: “No Minister has ever achieved what Sheikh Pantami has so far achieved, but the hatred and bigotry from the other side won’t allow them to appreciate him simply because he’s a Muslim from Northern Nigeria. Na hypocrisy go kee una. #PantamiWillStay Insha Allah.

Al’ameen Yabo tweeted: “Enemies of Nigeria paid some people to trend #PantamiResign bcox they knw his policies will help in ending insecurities. Only criminals hate Pantami bcox they don’t want to link NIN to their SIMS, they don’t want to be known or tracked down. #PantamiWillStay.”

Engr Yasir Arafat Jubril said: “The Northern Phenomenon @DrIsaPantami, giving Online and offline terrorists a sleepless night, ensuring a comprehensive database through NIN, securing the nation and placing it strategically for digital economy advancement. Tested and trusted, an achiever.”

Yusuf Abubakar tweeted: “Nobody is talking about the National Adopted School for Smart Education introduced by Dr Pantami. Unpatriotic individuals trending #PantamiResign too bad, #PantamiWillStay go and drink panadol and sleep. No going back on NIN- SIM linkage excercise.”

Micheal Akanji said: “Pantami has been productive for the Govt and our country at large, this #PantamiResign won’t last for days because the coordinated attacks are from the same children who have committed their lives & time in damaging Nigeria daily on their TL. Pantami will accomplish his portfolio.”

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