Saturday , 25 May 2024

Osinbajo urges guild of Editors to save journalism from bad eggs

Osinbajo restates Nigeria's commitment to human capital development

Nigeria’s vice-president, Professor Yemi Osinbajo has charged the Nigerian Guild of Editors to make personal sacrifices to save the profession.

He urged them to act fast to save the profession from bad eggs in the interest of the profession.

Osinbajo spoke on Thursday in Asaba-the Delta State Capital, at the 14th All Nigeria Editors’ Conference.

The event with theme:”Credible Elections, Sustainable Democracy and the Nigerian Media” drew media professionals from across the country.

His words,”The duty of the leaders of the profession is to make the personal sacrifices that would save the profession.what is the point of the executive of the Bar Association or the Guild of Editors if we cannot call out the corrupt and the unethical practices,if we cannot surgically removed the bad eggs in the interest of the profession and in the interest of our earnings.when a threat is existential,the response needs to be radical”.

According to him,a threat that is existential needs a radical response.

He said although the advances in technology poses a grave threat to many professions including law, journalism,and accounting, stressing that journalism practitioners are more complicit.

He said many professions have lost the trust of their respective public’s due to the actions of a few bad eggs.

He said the Guild of Editors is a society of gatekeepers to whom belong the “enormous task of defining the ethics,mores, and ethos of your profession, and the burden of setting the acceptable rules,the conventions and practices of the profession”.

He said it is the duty of the leaders of the profession to ensure that rules are enforced and kept.

Delta Gov. Ifeanyi Okowa in an address at the occasion said for democracy to flourish,the opposition must be allowed to exist and play its role without let or hindrance.

He said the PDP played a key role in sustaining Nigeria’ s democracy,adding that it’s loss of the presidency in 2015 was a step taken to deepen democracy.

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