Monday , 15 April 2024

Study Links 100% Fruit Juice Consumption to Higher Nutrient Intake in Kids

New research has shown that consumption of 100% fruit juice by children aged 2 to 18 years is closely linked to improved nutrient adequacy during their formative years. Drinking 100% fruit juices plays an important role in the diets of young children by supplying them with the important nutrients during these crucial years of growth and development.

The research titled “A longitudinal study of fruit juice consumption during preschool years and subsequent diet quality and BMI” which was carried out by Boston University and published online at BMC Nutrition in May 2020 by Lynn L. Moore and colleagues found that young children who regularly consumed 100% fruit juice at a young age went on to eat more fruits and vegetables and were more likely to develop healthier diets and eating habits in their teenage years than their peers who drank much less fruit juice when they were younger.  The results of the study encouraged the inclusion of 100% fruit juice as part of an overall balanced diet, whilst stressing that contrary to previous research, regular consumption of fruit juices did not put children at a greater risk of being overweight in later years.

The study also mentioned the required daily quantity, calling out that it is also important for pre-school and nursery age children to drink at least one and a half cups of 100% pure fruit juice every day. The study stated that 100% fruit juice can help meet recommended daily goals for fruit intake because it is a nutrient-dense drink that provides vitamins, minerals (folic acid, thiamine and magnesium) and beneficial plant nutrients like polyphenols.

Lead researcher, Dr. Lynn Moore from Boston University, U.S.A., said, “Fruit consumption, particularly whole fruit consumption, has many health benefits throughout one’s lifespan. Avoiding fruit juice during these early formative years may have unintended effects on evolving dietary behaviors. Fruit juice drinking in young children may promote better diet quality and higher intakes of whole fruit,” he said.

He added that the benefits associated with moderate intakes of 100% fruit juice, were not accompanied by any adverse effects on childhood weight.

In Nigeria, one brand that is at the forefront of promoting the nutritional benefits of 100% fruit juice amongst all Nigerians is Chivita 100%. Chivita 100% is a 100% fruit juice product renowned for its high quality, nourishing benefits and refreshing taste. Chivita 100% contains no added sugar, no preservatives, and no artificial colours or artificial flavours. A 100ml glass of Chivita 100% Apple variant contains 99% of the Recommended Dietary Allowance (RDA) for Vitamin B1. A 100ml glass of the Chivita 100% Orange variant contains 21% of the RDA for Vitamin C. The Chivita 100% variants also contain various quantities of Vitamin B3, Calcium, Iron, and Magnesium, key nutrients required for maintaining a healthy life.

Chivita 100% is available in five variants of Orange, Pineapple, Apple, Red Grape and Lychee Blend, and can be enjoyed by consumers who desire healthy nourishment. The products can be purchased nationwide from shopping malls, supermarkets, shops, neighbourhood stores, and markets across the country.

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