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“The youngest of all the nominees” Like Betta the youths can do better, Says Tinubu

International Youth Day; President Tinubu broke the jinx Appoints A 36 Years old Nigerian Youth as Minister, Youngest Minister in the the History of 4th Republic of Nigeria

President Bola Tinubu in July nominated Dr Betta Edu from Cross River State to serve as part of his cabinet as a Minister of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. Beyond signifying the President as a man of his words on the inclusion of Women and Youths in his administration, Betta’s appointment as a member of the team to pilot the affairs of the nation, is a demonstration of the President’s Resolve to get qualified, properly schooled, persons of great character and integrity, persons who are committed to the development of the Country on board.

The youngest of all the nominees, The Medical Doctor and Phd holder represents the ideal youth today, she has kept the dreams hopes and aspirations of the Nigerian youth alive; “ The Nigeria Dream”. Nigerian Youth must understudy and emulate this young woman. Her quick acceleration, growth and progress in under 8 years from a Special Adviser to Director General Of cross River State Primary Health care Development Agency, to Commissioner, to Chairman of all Commissioners of Health in Nigeria and then the Youngest National Woman Leader of any Political Party in Africa and now a Confirmed Minister of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, can only be achieved by hard work, focus, humility and trust in God while contributing immensely to the development of her country.

Like Betta, the youths today should know they can do better. The must see opportunities in every situation and be ready to whether the storms. Remember there is a price to pay for success. The must bring value and proper solutions to the problem we face in our nation rather than seek who to blame.

Her track record of achievements precedes her. She was appointed the youngest Special Adviser in Nigeria at the time and became the Youngest Director General of Cross River Primary Health Development Agency, where she excelled so well, she was eventually made the Commissioner of Health in the State, as well as been the Chairman,CRS COVID-19 taskforce where she delivered as well.

Recognising her capacity would be required for National Development, beyond her state, Dr Betta emerged again the youngest National Woman Leader of the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC).

Today she is the youngest Presidential nominee as a Minister of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, which really comes as no surprise as her capacity to deliver is not in doubt. It is to be noted that she is the first female Minister from Cross River. This equally opens the space for more female involvement in politics in her state.

Betta has given a chance to the younger ones to make them realize the potential they can maximize if they truly put their hearts and minds in it. She is a brand in Cross River and the Country at large, people should realize that anyone can do better.

She came from a very humble background, but she is one of those that has sent a lesson to the younger generation that they too could strive to that level she is through hard work and determination.

She has always given her best in any capacity she found herself and has achieved greatness. Excuse and impossibility doesn’t exist in her dictionary, a goal getter with a positive mind set. She did not replace her beauty and smiles with the need to build intellectual capacity. In her words “ I wish to be known for the value I bring to the table, beauty is vain”

The President did not make a mistake to have brought her. She is celebrated at home and across the country as a shining example of what is expected of Nigerian youths in the country today. Capacity like what Betta has delivered is what is required to take the country out of the doldrums, her appointment by President Tinubu, is putting a square peg in a square hole.
Hope is indeed Renewed for the Nigerian Youth.

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