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‘Why I killed my husband and buried him’

A 41-year-old mother of four, Douglas Ajemine, who allegedly killed her husband, Inedugoba Tyger, 40, has been arrested by operatives of the Inspector-General of Police Special Intelligence Response Team, IRT, in Abalama area of Rivers State.

It was learnt that Ajemine, confessed that she killed 40-year-old Inedugoba Tyger and buried his corpse in a shallow grave within the area because he abandoned her to go and live with another woman.

Ajemine, who is a staff of the Rivers State Primary Health Care, in Asari Toru Local Government area of the state, said she contracted two men to kill the victim on January 25, 2019, because he routinely beat and raped her whenever he pressed for sex.

She was arrested following a petition to the police by Tyger’s relations, who gave graphic details of how the  Buguma native got missing after a political event within the community.

A source revealed that  Tyger, before his death, had a misunderstanding with Ajemine a situation which made him to move out of his home in Abalama area of the state, and relocated to Port Harcourt, but the 2019, general elections, provided him an opportunity to reconcile with his estranged wife.

The source said that Ajemine soon after the reconciliation made arrangements with two persons to attack and kill her husband in their Abalama residence.

It was gathered that the victim was sleeping when his assailants went into his house and strangled him to death.

They then took his corpse to the back of the house and dug a shallow grave where they buried his remains.

Police source added that, after Ajemine had finished killing and burying her husband, she took his car to a nearby market and parked it where it could be recovered by the police and she also took his mobile phones and sent text messages to her husband’s brothers informing them that Tyger was traveling out of the state on a business trip.

Tyger’s brothers reported his disappearance to the police after they could not reach him on his mobile telephones several days later.

Ajemine was subsequently arrested alongside one of her accomplices, Kingsley Nna and the duo led the police to the spot where the body of the victim was buried.

Ajemine said: “I met my husband, Inedugoba Charles Tyger,  in December 2014, and we got married the following year. My husband had two children before I married him and he pleaded that he needed me to help him take care of his children.  He told me that his two children were out of school because there was no woman to look after them and he was equally not residing in Port Harcourt.

‘’I accepted, and I moved into his house and I started taking care of his children. My husband worked with Elf Oil and Gas and he had a court case with his company and at a point, he couldn’t pay his house rent because it was increased by his landlord. By January 2016, he was sacked from his job and we relocated to our village in Buguma and his children were all staying in my house.

‘’In  April 2016, my husband got some money from his former company and went to my family and paid my bride price.  We then relocated to his family house and since he had no job, he became so aggressive and abusive.

‘’He was shouting when he shouldn’t and he would hit me when he did not need it. I then advised him to look for a job and he went into illegal oil bunkering and was also looking for a white-collar job. We later moved out of his family house and relocated to Port Harcourt.

‘’I have a store in the community and he was not appreciating all that we were doing for him and by December 31, 2017  he decided to go to party with some friends and he refused to go to the house to go and pray and he started beating me. He even stopped me from coming to Port Harcourt to meet him.  Last April my son and her daughter sat for university matriculation examination and my son passed but his daughter failed and we agreed to buy a pre-degree form but he stopped responding to our demands.

‘’ I took his daughter to the Port Harcourt house to see him and we discovered that a woman was living with him. I took the girl’s clothes to his family and my husband came to remove his clothes while the girl(her husband’s girlfriend) burnt all my clothes in my husband’s house. Later, he started coming to the house to carry things to sell and he would beat me up.

‘’I later moved out of that house in Abalama and moved to  Port Harcourt and he consulted a native doctor to give him charms to kill me. He didn’t know where I was staying but he called asking for a metal ladder that was in my care in January 2019. And when he came, he wanted to have sex with me at the passage in the house at Abalama but I had met one Kingsley at Egbelu area of Port Harcourt, where I rented an apartment and I told him that I was new and my husband could come and harass me.

‘’Kingsley promised to assist me. On the day he came to collect the ladder he wanted to have sex with me and I refused and he tore my cloths. Fortunately,  I ran out and called Kingsley crying on the phone and he came and started beating my husband and he was crying.

‘’When  I couldn’t bear it, I went outside and when I came in I asked about my husband and they told me that he was dead and warned me that if I told anyone that they will kill me and my children.

‘’They said if I let anyone know that they were the people that killed my husband they would kill me. They took my husband to Sandfiled close to our house and buried my husband him.I didn’t follow them to the exact spot where my husband was buried.’’

In his confession, Kingsley Nnaa said Ajemine paid him and his friend the sum of N100,000 to kill her husband and that he also had sex with her severally.

Nna said:“ In December 2018, I met a woman known as  Ajemina, at Egbelu Odara Junction in Ogbogoro town and I was with one of my friends known as Sunny and the woman told us that her husband was maltreating her.

‘’I told her whenever the man called that she should call us or she should shout for people in the community to come out. Later on, she called again and said that she wanted us to beat the man. I asked her how we were going to see the man and beat him and she said that the man used to come to her house in Ogbogoro and he also used to come to her own house in Abalama to beat her.

‘’In January 2019, she gave us N50,000 and said she would call us whenever the man was with her. On January 26, she called again in the afternoon and she said that the man was coming and we should come and beat the man. When we got there we met the woman and her husband naked and it was like they had just finished making love.

‘’The room was dark and the woman flashed a touch at us and we found the man in bed and Sunny(his partner) wrapped the man’s face with a wrapper and a pillow, then I started beating the man and he woke up and started struggling and he was shouting and the man removed what Sunny tied on his face and the man saw Sunny and recognized him and they started speaking their Kalabari language.

‘’I didn’t know what they were talking about, but Sunny said we should kill the man since he had seen his face and I held the man and Sunny strangled the man.

‘’We called the woman who was outside when this happened and told her that the man was dead and she told us that she didn’t tell us to kill the man but she went and brought a shovel for us and showed us a space where we should bury the man.

‘’The next day which was Sunday the woman called us again and gave us N30,000 and by evening of that day she called me and said she wanted me to make love to her and when I met her in a hotel we made love for two hours.

‘’One week later, we met again in that same hotel in Egelu Town in Ogbogoru community and we made love again. We also made love for the third time, but I stopped responding to her calls because she wanted to turn me to her husband.

‘’Since that day I killed that man I have not been myself. I have gone to church to pray for forgiveness and now they have arrested me. I believe God has forgiven me. “

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