Who a perfect gentleman is:

A perfect gentleman is any man of good and courteous conduct.

A man who is polite and behaves well toward other people: a perfect gentleman.

A perfect gentleman possesses a strong community bond with his people. He takes great pride in working for the overall good of his people and strives to give his very best every day.

He is reliable, dedicated, self-disciplined, humble, dependable and a team player. He leads and is led well by his supporters.

A man who listens, respects and appreciates the opinions of others.

A perfect gentleman has and enjoys an overwhelming sense of loyalty and support from his support base and gathers strength from the support he gets from his base

A man who loves completely and cares for others genuinely not as a result of what he benefits from them, neither is it for any particular purpose or for self interest.

Someone (man) who does not joke with those in his life.

A man who professes, protects and provides sufficiently for members of his household whatever be the case.

A man who is gentle, calm, friendly, nice, warm, does not engage in unnecessary arguments nor show bitterness towards others but is kind to all.

A perfect gentleman is not jealous about anyone.

A man who respects relationships and appreciates relationships he shares with others.

A man who never discriminates, nor segregates but welcomes all with open arms.

A man who does not struggle with anger nor engage in angry outbursts, not even to his accusers, persecutors and haters, but ignores them and their foolishness.

Is being a gentleman an archaic concept? Or is it still relevant today? Does the word “gentleman” conjure images of an ancient knight in shining armor fighting valiantly for a lady, or a man wearing an expensive suit, dining in five-star restaurants, and tipping his hat?

Thankfully, today, being a gentleman is a matter of choice. It is a title you earn through an unwavering commitment to invest in your character. It is not about perfection, but a constantly renewed pursuit of excellence.

Gentlemen are not stiff, pretentious, or focused on elevating themselves. Instead, they strive to succeed while helping those around them succeed as well. Being a gentleman means that you care about how your choices impact others. It is about human connection.

Our world is in desperate need of more gentlemen. Those who choose to pick up this torch are not only performing a noble feat, but they also reap incredible rewards. The qualities of a modern gentleman never go out-of-style and pay huge dividends.